Snoring and Prescription Sleeping Pills

Over the counter pills and prescriptions: there seems to be no end to products related to getting to sleep and staying asleep. And with millions affected with stress or poor lifestyle habits, many companies are doing exceptionally well.

Sleep Pills

Sleep psychology seems to be about as accurate as regular psychology, which is to say only so accurate.  A psychologist can certainly try to address the causes surrounding any kind of disorder, but there is only so many things you can really say to someone to help them feel better. It also takes time and a willingness to change. As that time ticks by, you might need some help until you can get there on your own. The most wonderful kind of sleep is the kind that isn’t brought on by pills or aided by an apnea machine, but that’s not how a lot of us achieve our rest.  Something like a snoring mouthpiece option can have a profound effect on your rest, but again you’re depending on a device, rather than your natural self.

It’s not easy to find accurate numbers for any company, because there’s so much information to keep track of. Also, there are a lot of people who have no interest in sharing that information. This little post isn’t meant to be about conspiracy theories, but there are a lot of doctors, companies and drug reps who want to prescribe a lot of medication. It’s an insane amount of chemicals altering people’s natural states which may spell out huge profits now, but could make things worse in the long run. There are also a lot of chances for the side effects to rear their ugly heads. One reason why you might want to read a blog like this is because you’re motivated by money, which is a big motivator for all of us, and yet we are uncomfortable talking about so many aspects of how money is made. Part of the reason why there are an insane amount of prescriptions is because the regulators turns a bit of a blind eye to how doctors make decisions. Companies know this and so drug reps take the time to cultivate relationships so that doctors aren’t making decisions based solely on patient care. Doctors need to pay rent too, and more importantly they’re concerned with paying back student loans. They’ve also spent the last 6 days on no sleep, so they probably know how to value rest.

I have a stash of natural over the counter pills which I actually feel do work sometimes. I love them because I have a very hard time falling asleep. Prescriptions scare me since I have a predilection to addiction. It’s bad enough that I do the OTC ones, but I really am a sucker for the words ‘all natural,’ even though there’s nothing natural about a pill. I’ve never found capsules growing in the woods.

One marketing technique to discourage prescriptions would be to get OTC sleep aids out of the ‘Pain’ section of the pharmacy. Pain makes people think of sickness and most people aren’t huge fans of admitting their sick. There is melatonin which it typically sold everywhere, and often in just the vitamin section, but melatonin seems to be about the same as drinking a glass of milk or eating a banana. Pills shouldn’t ever really be marketed as healthy in my opinion, but you could make a case that different pills are better for you than others. And it’s unrealistic to assume that people coming off of Ambien will just go cold turkey. So they could be marketed to get over a bad time in one’s life.

There is a lot of information out there, and this is more or less just meant to be a way list just some of the many advances in sleep products. Pills are a big one because they’re an easy fix to a major problem.  Learn about other devices at Snoring HQ.