Sweet Sheets

You might not be able to understand how someone can spend $2500 for one set of sheets, but you can appreciate that this is a business that has been on the rise in consumer demand. Luxury sheets evoke feelings of comfort and style in those looking to increase their bed karma. Those looking for a perfectly relaxing morning can savor the delicious feelings of waking up on the weekend in beautiful colors and fabulous textures.

There are a few things to keep in mind though. Extra thread count means extra fabric which theoretically means better a better product. However, once companies picked up the news that higher numbers translates into more money, they started looking for ways to get the higher counts without investing more money. Sometimes people are getting thinner thread so the count skyrockets while the quality stays the same, and they’ll become much more wary about their upcoming purchases and the supposed numbers on the packaging.

Also, it’s very different to get the fancy Egyptian cotton than regular cotton, so be aware of where your threads come from are just as important as how many there are. When you search for the best sheets, LL Bean has some good reviews as does Garnet Hill. Percale scores well in choices of fabric for those who tend to overheat at night. The cooling textures tend to calm restless or uncomfortable sleepers. Sateen is soft and inviting with a breathable feel, but they do tend to wrinkle easily. Both kinds of sheets are great alternatives to those who don’t want to spend the money of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian stays smoother, but does take a while to feel soft to the touch. They’re also known to be durable which is great to hear considering they’re not cheap.

There are a lot of choices on the market. Flannels are obviously great for winter, silks are great for romance, Tencel is great for those who tend to sweat as it resists bacteria and moisture. No one can wash their sheets every day, and more people don’t even wash them every two weeks.

People who want new sheets want a color that complements their bedroom and a feel that brings them relaxation. Asking basic questions about how someone sleeps can help determine which kinds of sheets are right for them, as opposed to asking them what kinds of fabrics they like the most.

Sweet Sheets