International Sleep Markets

With millions of people in the US and billions of people in the world, it’s insane to think of that much time on a bed and that much time asleep. And really, there are so many unexplored avenues for this industry in my opinion! China’s mattresses are typically known for being rock hard, and it’s not easy to find reliable products to soften these beds up. A typical Chinese person might not care, and probably wouldn’t want a softer bed anyway. If they get back or shoulder pain in 50 years, they won’t necessarily spend time lamenting that would have been happier had they used a better mattress. In large cities like Shanghai, renters in typical apartments are more likely to just leave the bed like any major appliance. They’re obviously not easy to move, and apparently it’s a little bit more like college dorm life in that respect. So now one has a mystery mattress and a whole slew of inferior products out there to help you dress it up a little. Ex-pats in particular have a bit of a difficult time adjusting.

Production is obviously moving to China in a big way, so why would entrepreneurs here would want to get involved? Not to mention the fact that there are already companies around that do this, and the fact that the hurdles you would have to jump would be pretty large (if not impossible). However, I think that this could be a better market. If you hire the right people and create the right marketing campaign to show people what they’re missing out on, then this could be a huge market. But, like any marketing campaign, you’d have to figure out what was important to them. Dust mites freak a lot of people in the US out. Teeny, tiny little bugs having their own little party in your bed sheets. That’s not really cool, man. But really, who do they hurt? Maybe they’re not great for people with asthma but that’s not the same thing as spreading infectious diseases. If those in China are fine with mites, then you obviously can’t go that route. Pain is universal though, and so is saving money. Showing people what it means to save yourself in medical bills or lost work down the line because you can’t move would be a great way to open up this market.

International Sleep Market

There are obviously a large supply of countries out there to try to open up more options for the average consumer in many areas. Doing business in other countries or even in your own country depending on regulations can be hard. But it’s not impossible. People look at the roadblocks sometimes, and that’s all they can see. They think that if someone else could have done it, they it would have already been done. That is not the case. People who can take that leap create more jobs and more hope for people everywhere in their respective economies.