Hot Areas For Sleep Innovation

I’ve written about a few of these areas before (like my discussion on wearables here), but I wanted to put together a more all-encompassing article for where I think entrepreneurs can help people sleep better.  Let’s go through some different areas.

Mattresses- People sleep on mattresses, so it only makes sense that providing people with really great mattresses is a tremendous way to help people sleep better.  I’ve written about this before, but entrepreneurs can come in and disrupt this pretty old business model and make really high-quality mattresses much more affordable for the masses, and by doing so, really help a lot of people get some better quality sleep.

Sleeping Pills- This will be from a more pharmaceutical background, but I think there’s room to make a more natural substance that can help people sleep better without the risk of dependency.  Pills like Ambien and Lunesta can be great, but I think the risk of dependency is too high and that kind of defeats the purpose of everything.  If there’s a way to provide the benefits of these types of pills without having to have the risk of dependency, I think a lot of people would be much better off.

Diet- If an entrepreneur can come in and successfully convince people of the powerful impact that diet has on sleep, they might be able to change the world.  Not a lot of people know that eating better can have a big impact on people’e ability to sleep.  It’s going to take a great entrepreneur to come in and educate the world on this very important issue.

Wearables- I’ve written a full article about this.  If people can wear sleep sensors, they will get a better idea of exactly how well they sleep.  Once they understand that, they will have a better picture of what areas they need to improve.  Then they can focus on getting better sleep only at that point.  The technology for these types of devices will only improve over time.

That’s a pretty good list.  I’m sure that I have left a few things out.  If people can learn meditation and decrease stress, they will certainly be in a position to sleep better.  Hopefully some entrepreneur will start to focus on areas like that over time as well.  I’m confident that this will happen, but it will take some time.  Either way, we will all be better off when any of these areas takes off.