Entrepreneurs helping sleep entrepreneurs

When it comes to entrepreneurship, we’re all a team.  We’re all out there with an idea, a vision, that can one day define you.  To climb a mountain, knowing that it’s too steep for other men to climb, and still finding a way to make it to the top.  This is the goal for many, yet  for few.

We as sleep entrepreneurs are a special category.  We really understand the importance of life and balance, and how something as seemingly simple, natural, and necessary quickly goes out the window.  That’s why we would like to take a moment to shout-out to our tech friends that make things easier for us.

Sleep entrepreneurs are often just tech entrepreneurs with a bit more focus.  We may sell mattresses online, or have a digital newsletter with sleep advice like Slumber Sage.  And thus having a master of these digital options is extremely important.  Yet our time is limited, so the many moons required to master something may be out of our grasp.

Thus we take a moment to honor team treehouse.  They’ve done a fantastic job of teaching our tech community how to be better, for a very reasonable cost.  They have inspired us with their easy to learn, easy to comprehend methods that truly help entrepreneurs to be better.  To be wiser.  To be more efficient.  And to in the end, get more sleep.

The coding lessons are very well put together, I even was able to learn HTML in just a weekend – or at least the basics.  If you ever thought that programming was out of your reach, I think this course will make you think the opposite.  It’s every man’s coding world now, so take the opportunity that treehouse has given you and taking your coding from zero to hero.

Also, take this as an inspiration.  The work that you do in this life can greatly benefit those around you in unexpected ways.  Maybe these guys were just out to make a buck, but they ended up doing a great thing for all sleep entrepreneurs, both current and present.  More advances like this can really help push the industry forward and help us all better understand the impact of sleep on our daily lives and health.