Serta Today

All successful companies have to stay innovative and Serta is no exception.   They are not the Serta of Yesterday.  Serta offers a lot of different options for every kind of need, and talks up their well-earned awards and how many satisfied customers they have. As well they should; they’re an extremely trusted brand. They offer a 45-day comfort guarantee so you can return your mattress if you’re not sold on how much it helps your body. However, given the amount of effort that goes into a return, I wonder how often people actually take advantage of that unless they downright can’t sleep on the mattress. They also offer a one-year warranty.

One huge success that keeps Serta with some consistent business would be the smart move to win the lion’s share of hotel businesses. For all the rooms out there in all the towns in the United States, that’s a pretty big accomplishment and it gives them a lot of exposure. Even the Bellagio trusts Serta for all of their upper-crust customers, and Serta offer a way for their customers to get that comfort at home.

Marketing-wise I think they did a great job with the sheep. Some might find it corny or annoying, but I think it’s pretty cute and a good way to give your potential customers a way to remember you. Their website even makes up little stories to go along with each number. It’s a way to make you think about what it feels like to be so relaxed you can’t stay awake, I don’t know about you but that’s a beautiful feeling to associate for me.

One note about their website, it’s not as upfront about prices as Sealy or Tempur-Pedic’s are, possibly because if price is a factor then you probably aren’t on the right site. Even their little 5 question survey about what you want out of a mattress mentioned nothing about price, and typically budget is a factor in purchasing. Keeping clientele in mind is important but so is ensuring a company has nothing to hide. People will certainly find out eventually, and in the electronic age they aren’t likely to find out after they’ve already become enamored with a certain model.