Sealy Today

Sealy might be under Tempur-Pedic’s great big sky, but I think I like their site the most. Sealy is mostly upfront and not overwhelming, they have a section that assures you that choosing doesn’t have to be confusing. Instead of then sending you to a page with a bunch of questions about what you want or ‘only’ 16 choices of the best mattresses on the market, they lay things out between Inner Springs, Hybrid, Latex or Memory Foam, and they give you the starting prices. Granted when you click for more information, pricing becomes harder to find after that.

Trying to determine the state of businesses today is hard without inside information. No mattress site is going to tell you that they’re selling something that’s going to hurt your back, so I’m getting a little tuckered out from hearing the word ‘support.’ Sealy does seem to have a few different options like the hybrid which is the inner spring and foam together for both comfort and support. If other companies offer this, it was easiest to find on Sealy. When you think of staying ahead of the curve, you have to think about who is buying the product. There are people out there who will dig and dig until they have cross comparison charts with all of the main mattresses and features. These people don’t need a blog like this, or any kind of quick summary. They will go over everything until they come up with an aggregate that helps them make their decision.

However, Sealy seems to boil things down a little bit more for the average consumer who doesn’t need to be confronted with so many options which ultimately start to look the same after a while.