What The Next Mattress Entrepreneur Needs To Do

So, the market has now been filled by entrepreneurs that have disrupted the entire business model of the mattress industry.  Consider yourself disrupted old executives of this industry.  The question is, can these guys sustain this success, and if not, where will they need to turn to next?

A few considerations:

Sure, these companies have disrupted the mattress industry with the direct to consumer business model, but there’s nothing really stopping an established company from starting an entirely new brand and copying these new companies.  In fact, with their experience in manufacturing, they might and are actually able to most likely make a better product at less of a cost.  So for that reason, these new startup companies in the industry need to watch out for incumbents.

Second, with the success and press that these companies have achieved, there is nothing really stopping any new company from being formed and taking a slightly new angle on the mattress.  I am willing to bet that there will be much more competition going in to the future not only from established companies but also from new companies forming.  Advertising budgets will be squeezed by rising costs from competition increasing.

What a new entrepreneur should think about is creating the best possible product.  Sure, it’s easy to get good reviews online, but eventually the word will get out whether the product is actually good.  So, my prediction is that the industry will turn backwards in many ways.  Companies will be forced to create products that are extremely supportive and comfortable, all at a reasonable price.  Innovation might take hold even more in the industry, but if not, and even if so, companies should focus on making the best products possible.  That’s what these companies should focus on going forward.  As I’ve mentioned in other articles (like here), entrepreneurs are capable of lots of things.  Let’s hope they’re capable of creating amazing mattresses.