Tech Entrepreneurs turn their energy on mattresses

Tech entrepreneurs can create almost anything these days.  Plenty of them are out their doing consumer apps, helping people call a taxi, park a car, get groceries, chat with their friends, and share pictures.  But the fact of the matter is that technology is important in almost every aspect of our lives, and the mattress industry is no different.

Take a company called Reverie, which has a truly amazing electric adjustable bed.  It’s truly remarkable, because technology helps you move the bed around.  It’s linked to apps, so that you can actually control the position in your bed that you are sitting in and move it from place to place.  If that’s not a step forward in technology, then I truly do not know what is.

These custom mattress makers have really figured it out.  But folks, they truly are not the only ones!  There are truly a large number of opportunities in this market where durable products can be integrated with excellent programming ability to set the product apart.

This isn’t the olden days, when people would sleep on a pile of straw.  It’s time to innovate in every aspect of life, to seize opportunity and really advance humanity.

When a bed is connected to a smartphone which is connected to a smart watch which is connected to a person, anything is possible.  The level of integration that we’re going to see across the board is going to be tremendous.  We’ve really seen that there is opportunity to set oneself apart in traditional industries by pushing the borders of technology.

Mattress and bed making.  Materials.  Industrials.  Light fixtures.  Furniture.  These are industries that have been sitting around for centuries, and now we need some young coders to really come in and mess the industry up.  To really wipe away stagnation and bring new light.