Rock Your World With A Floating Bed

John Huff was an inventor of numerous wellness products, but his floating bed is definitely the most well-known. He felt strongly that people are relaxed and made healthier through the rocking motion of his design. The natural movement of your body during sleep is meant to work with the rocking motion to improve circulation and promote a better night’s rest. It can be featured both indoors and outdoors. The outdoors version comes with a tripod setup where the bed hangs from the middle. The aesthetics are slightly more questionable than the indoor ones which feature a chain attached to the ceiling.

floating bed

When I really think about it, I can see why this bed has the potential to be a more popular choice on the market. I’ve stayed in some fairly nice hotels before and never seen this, but I can imagine it to be a selling point for anyone looking for novelty and a good way to separate yourself from your competitors. Considering sleeping disorders are rampant amongst Americans, you can market to anyone looking for natural remedies. A good host looking to trick out a guest room could also find this to be a fun way to spice up the visiting experience.

No product is without its caveats so you might want to keep in mind that this bed requires a strong commitment from the buyer as you will need to work out a much more complex installation than a standard mattress. Their website seems to claim a lot of things about this bed which seem circumstantial at best (e.g. please don’t expect this bed to cure your child’s autism.) Cost and practicality are always factors to consider with any purchase as this bed will run you about $4-5k for the larger styles. Depending on your body type and how you like to sleep, it might seem like a chore to get in and out of the bed. Certainly your days of flopping into bed would need to be over.

For all the reasons not to buy a floating bed though, the few reviews found online are actually all positive. For anyone who’s fallen asleep in a hammock or relaxed away an afternoon on a porch swing, it could be well worth checking out a floating bed for your home.