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Over the counter pills and prescriptions: there seems to be no end to products related to getting to sleep and staying asleep. And with millions affected with stress or poor lifestyle habits, many companies are doing exceptionally well. Sleep psychology seems to be about as accurate as regular psychology, which is to say only so accurate.  A psychologist can certainly try to address the causes surrounding any kind of disorder, but there is only so many things you can really say to someone to help them feel better. It also takes time and a willingness to change. As that time ticks by, you might need some help until you can get there on your own. The most wonderful kind of sleep is the kind that isn’t brought on by pills or aided by an apnea machine, but that’s not how a lot of us achieve our rest.  Something like a snoring mouthpiece option can have a profound effect on your rest, but again you’re depending on a device, rather than your natural self. It’s not easy to find accurate numbers for any company, because there’s so much information to keep track of. Also, there are a lot of people who have no interest in sharing that information. This little post isn’t meant to be about conspiracy theories, but there are a lot of doctors, companies and drug reps who want to prescribe a lot of medication. It’s an insane amount of chemicals altering people’s natural states which may spell out huge profits now, but could make things worse in the long run. There are also a lot of chances for the side effects to rear their ugly heads. One reason why you might want to read a blog like this is because you’re motivated by money, which is a big motivator for all of us, and yet we are uncomfortable talking about so many aspects of how money is made. Part of the reason why there are an insane amount of prescriptions is because the regulators turns a bit of a blind eye to how doctors make decisions. Companies know this and so drug reps take the time to cultivate relationships so that doctors aren’t making decisions based solely on patient care. Doctors need to pay rent too, and more importantly they’re concerned with paying back student loans. They’ve also spent the last 6 days on no sleep, so they probably know how to value rest. I have a stash of natural over the counter pills which I actually feel do work sometimes. I love them because I have a very hard time falling asleep. Prescriptions scare me since I have a predilection to addiction. It’s bad enough that I do the OTC ones, but I really am a sucker for the words ‘all natural,’ even though there’s nothing natural about a pill. I’ve never found capsules growing in the woods. One marketing technique to discourage prescriptions would be to get OTC sleep aids out of the ‘Pain’ section of […]

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Sleep is a pretty natural occurrence, and computers don’t seem to have a place when you’re resting. Machines take over a lot of our lives, so it may seem like a hard sell to let them interfere with our sleep as well. Sleep Trackers may not be the most well-known thing on the market even with the explosion in popularity for fitness trackers which keep have your movements down to a science. For people like me who can’t get enough walking, I felt little need for a device like this, but I was more or less the only one. In California, I ran into very few people without a FitBit of some kind, though I did find that the movements weren’t always recorded correctly. Arms that moved quickly without the leg motion would still be recorded as steps. Now take that technology and try to apply it to sleep. The sleep tracker records your movements and your heartbeat to determine when you are at rest, and uses that information to determine how well you are sleeping. If you fall asleep on your side and wake up on your back, then you’re obviously moving when you are asleep. It’s not necessarily bad as it keeps your circulation going, but it does interrupt your motions during the night, and indicates that you’re not having the best of REM states. Some trackers are fancier than others and go under your mattress while playing soothing sounds to lull you to sleep, while others you just wear around your wrist. People have a hard time determining exactly what they’re doing at night. They wake up and forget, or they’re up for an hour and think it was three. Once you’re in a haze, you’re not a reliable person to account what really happened. Short of going to a sleep lab, you can get a better handle on your habits if you use one of these devices.

Lucid Dreaming

Sleep can be scary. For anyone who has had a bad dream or had a child plagued with bad dreams, there’s every reason to see how there’s a market to help end fears and promote calm. Learning more about the science of sleep can possibly help you explore more options on how to get your body and mind to be in harmony. Lucid dreaming is typically defined as any dream where you realize you’re dreaming while still asleep. Some argue that you can’t really do this while truly being asleep but regardless there are ways to ty to gain more control over thoughts which sometimes seem too wild to tame. There are books and music written specifically to help promote lucid dreaming. Journals are often encouraged to record experiences for later study later, as well as sleep masks designed to mimic light patterns to encourage lucid dreaming as well. The ones I’ve seen are about $100, and they don’t seem like the greatest of investments given the information they post on their sites. People need to push aside horrific dreams otherwise nothing would ever get done, but they do affect us. They can interfere with our day, and they can make it more difficult to fall asleep the next night. Lucid dreaming allows people to take the reins on crazy scenarios and start to change how the events go in their mind. Children can start to learn how to overcome their stress and constant need to reach out to adults to protect them during the night. There are a lot of people who are tormented at night by the many fears, both known and unknown. They can benefit from learning more about the best way to induce an experience where they can use their willpower to turn their inner demons into positive experiences. Beyond better mental and physical health which comes from relaxed sleep, it can also be fun. The idea is that you can feel the good sensations out there by being able to decide what comes next in your dream. As much as a nightmare can bring down your state of mind, a beautiful dream can help you escape into worlds of color, excitement or peace, and leave you waking up happy. Lucid dreaming is niche, and I think most people would have a hard time mastering the technique, if the technique is real at all. There is hope in it though, which can be extremely powerful to those who suffer from sleep terrors or anxiety surrounding sleep. Getting people to understand the process and not be afraid of the analysis of their dreams could be a good start. It promotes mindfulness which is huge today in wellness clinics, psychologist’s offices and yoga studios. Mindfulness asleep means more control over your thoughts which means more control over your impulses. There is a market out there for this, and yet a large portion of people haven’t even heard of it. It would be hard for me to try to […]

I don’t want get too personal, but I’m not a huge fan of shopping. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to over-share. You shouldn’t care that I don’t like to shop, but you should care how your customers feel if you’re selling mattresses to make your living. Normal salespeople have a reputation for being pushy and overbearing. I have bought things from these people before, I have bought big-ticket items from these people before. But I figured out how to never to go back to these kinds of people or the places that employ them because it made my life a lot better to situations like this completely. It made me extremely distrustful of those in sales (surprise, surprise).  Again, I’m not necessarily the average consumer, but I think most people would be happier with a person who knows their stuff inside and out, and just wants to present it so people don’t have to do all the research on their own. I would also love to meet someone who honestly tries to get to know what I want based on my budget and needs. It’s easy to miss what people say, and it’s even easier to miss what they don’t say. I’ve worked with people a great deal, and it’s rare for me to come across someone who truly recognizes what the other person is asking for or saying. To keep pace and compete with online sales, it’s important to have a great technique with customers. Sounds great in theory, but if you’re working on commission or you know your shop has a quota to hit, then it’s not going to happen. It’s not how humans work. It’s not fair, and it’s a situation to be avoided at all costs, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. The commission-based structure might work for a time and motivate your employees, but your employees are likely motivated by fear of not making enough to pay rent. You don’t want a staff running on that kind of energy. If you approach the product and the customer with relaxation in mind, you might be able to get the buyer into the state of mind of what it’s like to need the very product they’re testing out. It’s hard to get comfortable on any bed when you’re not tired and you know a salesperson is looking right at you. It’s kind of weird. But if you give them the relevant information of how the mattress will help them feel during the night, and then back off a little you could see some grateful people which might lead to better results. Salespeople work for years on techniques, but a lot of it can’t be taught. Like most people, I’m a sucker for someone being nice to me, complimenting me, flirting with me. I don’t particularly care what their motivations are, I’m having a good time in the moment. Although, I’m not even sure if I do like those things anymore because I’ve made enough bad […]

Eat Sleep Blog

Spending a third of your entire life doing anything demands a large amount of attention to doing it well. We spend so much of our unconscious mind devoted to sleep, it’s easy to see why it sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves during our waking hours. There are certainly a lot of products out there to aid in rest, but the market is still full of potential. With 7 billion people in the world devoting more than 550 billion hours a night to one activity, there are that many reasons to get into this business. With the advent of modern technology, humans are exposed to more stressors today than there were 100 years ago. This is not a news flash to anyone, nor is it a plea we increase the Amish community numbers. In every aspect of the industry from mattresses to sleep masks, advances have also helped people understand their sleeping styles better in order to live more productive lives. In this blog, we’ll explore the ways people use their entrepreneurial skills and industry know-how to sell the right goods and services to the public. While I in no way claim to have a handle on every sector of the market, I can tell you that the amount of information out there is entirely overwhelming. I focus on attempting to simplify things and especially trying to apply that same simplification to potential markets, buyers and sellers. It’s not easy to navigate everything out there, so it’s up my goal to give real tips that go beyond the explanations you’ll find on every other site. Products can be great, and as a seller you want to focus on the great parts. However, there’s two side to everything and it may be worth at least considering as many aspects as possible before you set out to make more money on sleep.

10 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Super soft ear plugs: Awesome sleep noise maker: Getting good sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health (and for our looks, believe it or not). But unfortunately, one third of all Americans get less than 6 hours a night. 1. Exercise! 2. Dim Your Lights 3. Sleep in Total Darkness 4. Think About Sound 5. No Stimulants After 3pm 6. Don’t Go To Bed Stuffed or Hungry 7. Be Consistent 8. Keep it Cool 9. See Faces in the Morning 10. Get Your Morning Light Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist: All Natural Baby Registry Checklist 👼🏻 ✔️ 🙋🏻 Here are all my fav products for natural living: Curious about the equipment we use to make these videos? The Equipment We Use to Make Mama Natural Videos 🙂 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBING! XOXO, Genevieve ,

Getting quality sleep is not only beneficial to all of us, but even more so to our children. It is while they are sleeping that children’s brains get to make sense of their day’s activities and their bodies grow and develop. In fact, children who get inadequate sleep are known to be more anxious, more stressed, and to perform poorly in school. In light of these facts, the importance of purchasing the right kind of bed for your children cannot be gainsaid. Here are a few factors that you need to consider to end up with the right kind of bed for your children: Consider The Obvious Practicalities: What’s the size of your child’s room? How old are they? Do you plan to change fort them a bed or room in future? If you are interested in a first proper bed for your kid, then you can begin with a small starter bed. These are also perfect if your child’s room is small. Such small sized beds can last until your kid is around 7-8 years; so longevity and cost should be the most important factors to consider in such cases. Activity of Your Child: Children’s bed comes in variety of shapes, designs, and materials. If your child is too active, you may find him or her bouncing up and down or dismantling the bed just to make a fort. In such cases, going for a bed made of strong materials is imperative. Your child’s Likes: If your children have a predilection for fairies, it is definitely worth it to treat them with a themed bed. It pays off in the long run, especially when they are happy about their beds and are willing to go to bed whenever you instruct them. Generally, as a parent, choosing the right bed for your child is one of the most significant and worthwhile efforts that you will make towards furnishing their bedroom.