Sweet Sheets

You might not be able to understand how someone can spend $2500 for one set of sheets, but you can appreciate that this is a business that has been on the rise in consumer demand. Luxury sheets evoke feelings of comfort and style in those looking to increase their bed karma. Those looking for a perfectly relaxing morning can savor the delicious feelings of waking up on the weekend in beautiful colors and fabulous textures. There are a few things to keep in mind though. Extra thread count means extra fabric which theoretically means better a better product. However, once companies picked up the news that higher numbers translates into more money, they started looking for ways to get the higher counts without investing more money. Sometimes people are getting thinner thread so the count skyrockets while the quality stays the same, and they’ll become much more wary about their upcoming purchases and the supposed numbers on the packaging. Also, it’s very different to get the fancy Egyptian cotton than regular cotton, so be aware of where your threads come from are just as important as how many there are. When you search for the best sheets, LL Bean has some good reviews as does Garnet Hill. Percale scores well in choices of fabric for those who tend to overheat at night. The cooling textures tend to calm restless or uncomfortable sleepers. Sateen is soft and inviting with a breathable feel, but they do tend to wrinkle easily. Both kinds of sheets are great alternatives to those who don’t want to spend the money of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian stays smoother, but does take a while to feel soft to the touch. They’re also known to be durable which is great to hear considering they’re not cheap. There are a lot of choices on the market. Flannels are obviously great for winter, silks are great for romance, Tencel is great for those who tend to sweat as it resists bacteria and moisture. No one can wash their sheets every day, and more people don’t even wash them every two weeks. People who want new sheets want a color that complements their bedroom and a feel that brings them relaxation. Asking basic questions about how someone sleeps can help determine which kinds of sheets are right for them, as opposed to asking them what kinds of fabrics they like the most.

cabin bed

If your kid is happy and healthy, then your kid is probably in their room right now making a mess. That’s what kids do. It can be difficult to get them to clean up, or to clean things up yourself. To avoid stepping on that cursed plastic train for the 10th time, you might want to consider getting your child a cabin bed. It’s in the family of bunk beds but comes with some very great storage features. Drawers at the bottom are common but they’re not exactly comfortable or convenient to use. Cabin beds offer large cabinets under the bed for easy access and use. It may even make your child want to help clean up as he’s likely probably on the floor of his room rolling around his toys. It’s much different for a kid to shove things in a large cabinet rather than in limited drawer space. Cleaning isn’t easy but it’s something that needs to be done. Marketing convenience to people is pivotal to selling these kinds of beds. They’re likely already people who work on a full-time basis so the idea of any effort can be just too exhausting. It’s really easy for people to pretend that they clean regularly. But there are more cases than we probably care to admit where short of a full-time housekeeper, their house is never going to be as clean as they want it. Large cabinets might just give people a (small) boost to the never ending battle of junk and clutter. Clear space on the floor might make people more likely to want to clean the actual floor and continue on until the rest of their home is done. Selling the health of their kid and themselves is always a great way to go, and while messes will always be difficult to start on, it can be nice to get some help from the furniture in your home, if at all possible.

Some people (who may or may not tend to flock to Colorado) love camping. There are lifetime campers who will continually need gear replaced for many years to come. They know what they brands and features they want whether they’re renting or buying. However, there are a lot of people who want to try hiking every time a movie comes out that sparks an outdoor trend. Camping requires a lot of commitment and it can be daunting to actually determine what just ‘trying it out’ means. One marketing technique is to have an experienced camper rent equipment and serve as a guide for a low price to those on the fence. Of course, there are places that do this, but for the novice camper it can be hard to navigate. The beginner lives in the city, and they’re likely to go online first. If an ‘on the fence’ camper wants to give you money, then you’d better make it easy for them to do so. You should make prices clear upfront, the relevant information easy to find, and ensure all questions can be answered quickly. Quick searches turn up some of these things, but not all and descriptions are written as if someone already knows the camping world. Low-price, all-inclusive packages could really appeal to someone who is just starting out with some very basic instructions. (This is a sleeping bag, and you use it to sleep when a bed isn’t available…) Sleeping on a trail or in a tent can be the most off-putting thing to city dwellers who have certain standards. It’s certainly the first reason I want to bail from a camping trip. But there are profits to be made on marketing to potential outdoors-y people, and for those who would like to be for the day. For example, the Eddie Bauer Airbender has an inflatable mattress built into the bag and runs up to $800. Campers look for light-weight, warm, comfortable bags. The Micro MC Summit and the Big Agnes are both well rated brands which aren’t quite as expensive and definitely worth considering. Keeping your audience and their goals is pivotal for marketing in general, but especially breaking into a more niche group of people. Get people out there for one day without being eaten by a bear, and they might consider buying that same sleeping bag you originally rented to them, or at least renting it again.

International Sleep Market

With millions of people in the US and billions of people in the world, it’s insane to think of that much time on a bed and that much time asleep. And really, there are so many unexplored avenues for this industry in my opinion! China’s mattresses are typically known for being rock hard, and it’s not easy to find reliable products to soften these beds up. A typical Chinese person might not care, and probably wouldn’t want a softer bed anyway. If they get back or shoulder pain in 50 years, they won’t necessarily spend time lamenting that would have been happier had they used a better mattress. In large cities like Shanghai, renters in typical apartments are more likely to just leave the bed like any major appliance. They’re obviously not easy to move, and apparently it’s a little bit more like college dorm life in that respect. So now one has a mystery mattress and a whole slew of inferior products out there to help you dress it up a little. Ex-pats in particular have a bit of a difficult time adjusting. Production is obviously moving to China in a big way, so why would entrepreneurs here would want to get involved? Not to mention the fact that there are already companies around that do this, and the fact that the hurdles you would have to jump would be pretty large (if not impossible). However, I think that this could be a better market. If you hire the right people and create the right marketing campaign to show people what they’re missing out on, then this could be a huge market. But, like any marketing campaign, you’d have to figure out what was important to them. Dust mites freak a lot of people in the US out. Teeny, tiny little bugs having their own little party in your bed sheets. That’s not really cool, man. But really, who do they hurt? Maybe they’re not great for people with asthma but that’s not the same thing as spreading infectious diseases. If those in China are fine with mites, then you obviously can’t go that route. Pain is universal though, and so is saving money. Showing people what it means to save yourself in medical bills or lost work down the line because you can’t move would be a great way to open up this market. There are obviously a large supply of countries out there to try to open up more options for the average consumer in many areas. Doing business in other countries or even in your own country depending on regulations can be hard. But it’s not impossible. People look at the roadblocks sometimes, and that’s all they can see. They think that if someone else could have done it, they it would have already been done. That is not the case. People who can take that leap create more jobs and more hope for people everywhere in their respective economies.

I’ve written about a few of these areas before (like my discussion on wearables here), but I wanted to put together a more all-encompassing article for where I think entrepreneurs can help people sleep better.  Let’s go through some different areas. Mattresses- People sleep on mattresses, so it only makes sense that providing people with really great mattresses is a tremendous way to help people sleep better.  I’ve written about this before, but entrepreneurs can come in and disrupt this pretty old business model and make really high-quality mattresses much more affordable for the masses, and by doing so, really help a lot of people get some better quality sleep. Sleeping Pills- This will be from a more pharmaceutical background, but I think there’s room to make a more natural substance that can help people sleep better without the risk of dependency.  Pills like Ambien and Lunesta can be great, but I think the risk of dependency is too high and that kind of defeats the purpose of everything.  If there’s a way to provide the benefits of these types of pills without having to have the risk of dependency, I think a lot of people would be much better off. Diet- If an entrepreneur can come in and successfully convince people of the powerful impact that diet has on sleep, they might be able to change the world.  Not a lot of people know that eating better can have a big impact on people’e ability to sleep.  It’s going to take a great entrepreneur to come in and educate the world on this very important issue. Wearables- I’ve written a full article about this.  If people can wear sleep sensors, they will get a better idea of exactly how well they sleep.  Once they understand that, they will have a better picture of what areas they need to improve.  Then they can focus on getting better sleep only at that point.  The technology for these types of devices will only improve over time. That’s a pretty good list.  I’m sure that I have left a few things out.  If people can learn meditation and decrease stress, they will certainly be in a position to sleep better.  Hopefully some entrepreneur will start to focus on areas like that over time as well.  I’m confident that this will happen, but it will take some time.  Either way, we will all be better off when any of these areas takes off.

Sleep Like A Baby Please!!

If you think about improving sleep, it really should be an entirely entrepreneurial endeavor – that is really looking to disrupt what is currently happening, on a personal level.  If you’re not sleeping well, throw everything that you think you know about rest out the window.  It’s time to restart and refresh your approach. Many people think it’s one little thing, like going out and buying a well reviewed Saatva Luxury Firm and suddenly everything is fixed.  Sure, that can help part of your sleep issues, and it’s definitely better than going out there and just getting the best valued mattress.  The real issue is not being addressed, and that is understanding what makes you sleep in your core. Approach sleep like you do the rest of your life, with conviction, with courage, with relentless determination.  Don’t let this slip by the wayside, and you’ll become a true sleep entrepreneur for the ages.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, we’re all a team.  We’re all out there with an idea, a vision, that can one day define you.  To climb a mountain, knowing that it’s too steep for other men to climb, and still finding a way to make it to the top.  This is the goal for many, yet  for few. We as sleep entrepreneurs are a special category.  We really understand the importance of life and balance, and how something as seemingly simple, natural, and necessary quickly goes out the window.  That’s why we would like to take a moment to shout-out to our tech friends that make things easier for us. Sleep entrepreneurs are often just tech entrepreneurs with a bit more focus.  We may sell mattresses online, or have a digital newsletter with sleep advice like Slumber Sage.  And thus having a master of these digital options is extremely important.  Yet our time is limited, so the many moons required to master something may be out of our grasp. Thus we take a moment to honor team treehouse.  They’ve done a fantastic job of teaching our tech community how to be better, for a very reasonable cost.  They have inspired us with their easy to learn, easy to comprehend methods that truly help entrepreneurs to be better.  To be wiser.  To be more efficient.  And to in the end, get more sleep. The coding lessons are very well put together, I even was able to learn HTML in just a weekend – or at least the basics.  If you ever thought that programming was out of your reach, I think this course will make you think the opposite.  It’s every man’s coding world now, so take the opportunity that treehouse has given you and taking your coding from zero to hero. Also, take this as an inspiration.  The work that you do in this life can greatly benefit those around you in unexpected ways.  Maybe these guys were just out to make a buck, but they ended up doing a great thing for all sleep entrepreneurs, both current and present.  More advances like this can really help push the industry forward and help us all better understand the impact of sleep on our daily lives and health.  

Jason Klasey is a sleep entrepeneur.  What exactly does that mean?  Basically he is just like any other entrepreneur, he forms companies and helps them grow.  Except his company focuses on making you sleep better.  This means he provides products and services like mattresses, sleep aids, and methodologies on what can help you sleep better.  Here is an interview with him where he talks about how he became a sleep entrepreneur. How did you end up focusing on sleep and relaxation? Out of college I started another company that sold high end chairs to offices.  These chairs were extremely expensive, due to the ergonomic properties.  Being a young person, I thought I was seriously duping these companies.  Who would pay so much for a chair?  Well after working a few years at a desk, I spent an incredible chunk of change on a new chair for myself.  The fact of the matter is that these items in our life that seem so basic have a dramatic impact on our life, physical health, and happiness.  So through that company, I became a huge fan of taking care of myself. One thing I again didn’t think about throughout this whole process was sleep.  I was so tired all the time, working long hours, but never thought about how I could sleep better and improve my life.  Instead I just drank more coffee and hoped for the best.  Finally one day I was laying there, so tired and uncomfortable on my $100 used mattress, and it hit me; sleep items could have an even bigger impact on items than chairs do on your daily life.  I sold my company and started focusing on sleep shortly after that. What products do you use to enhance sleep in your own life? Personally I’m a fan of the Saatva mattress you get really great bang for your buck, and it’s a very cool company that I admire from an entrepreneur’s perspective.  I’ve had a Saatva for about a year and I’m a huge fan.  I’ve had a Sealy and Verlo in the past, which were fine for me, but I think Saatva took it to the next level.  A new company on the market, Casper, is becoming very interesting to me, so I might try out one of their mattresses soon. I also use a noisemaker.  This isn’t necessarily best sleep practice, you can actually develop some bad habits if you use this regularly.  However I live on a very noisy street, so it’s more out of practicality than desire. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I use a tempurpedic pillow for obvious reasons.  I think this is the best product you can get to have a big impact on your sleep and quality of life. Any last words? Sleep isn’t all about products, it’s also about your mental and emotional state.  When people ask me what the number one thing they can do to improve their sleep cycle and get deep REMs, I say to meditate.  Get yourself […]