Entrepreneur interviews

One entrepreneur that we really admire is the founder of Casper mattress, Philip Krim.  Casper has been named the Warby Parker of Mattresses, meaning they provide a high-quality product exclusively online with a big focus on brand and customer service.  He’s taking on the biggest mattress brands, thus far with great success.  Philip spent time at Vocalize Mobile and The Merrick Group, and has strong personal connections to the New York startup community. This market certainly isn’t the sexiest thing to come across venture capital’s desk – however Philip has managed to land funding from some premier VCs, including Lerer Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Crosslink Partners, and Correlation Ventures.  So far the Casper mattress reviews are very strong, with people noting the great quality of the product and the fair price.  We expect more great reviews, particularly since they have a really nice Manhattan show room that is all the rage.  They launched earlier this month, and reportedly did tremendous sales on their first day. Here’s the new mattress getting unboxed: The big question with Casper is whether it consumers will feel comfortable buying a mattress online.  The company argues that laying for a mattress for a couple minutes in a showroom doesn’t actually give you an understanding of how well the mattress will treat you after sleeping on it for a month.  So instead of the show room, they have a generous return policy that lets you return the mattress after 30 days, no questions asked.  In my mind this is a great leap forward for customers and will pay big dividends for this company in the future. Casper currently only has one model, the medium-firm, which supposedly fits the majority of sleepers.  With such a quality mattress at such a reasonable price, even if it’s not a perfect fit, it’s going to be a huge upgrade from what I’m currently sleeping on.  We’re very excited to see where Casper lands amongst the competition in their effort to provide the best luxury mattress online!

Jason Klasey is a sleep entrepeneur.  What exactly does that mean?  Basically he is just like any other entrepreneur, he forms companies and helps them grow.  Except his company focuses on making you sleep better.  This means he provides products and services like mattresses, sleep aids, and methodologies on what can help you sleep better.  Here is an interview with him where he talks about how he became a sleep entrepreneur. How did you end up focusing on sleep and relaxation? Out of college I started another company that sold high end chairs to offices.  These chairs were extremely expensive, due to the ergonomic properties.  Being a young person, I thought I was seriously duping these companies.  Who would pay so much for a chair?  Well after working a few years at a desk, I spent an incredible chunk of change on a new chair for myself.  The fact of the matter is that these items in our life that seem so basic have a dramatic impact on our life, physical health, and happiness.  So through that company, I became a huge fan of taking care of myself. One thing I again didn’t think about throughout this whole process was sleep.  I was so tired all the time, working long hours, but never thought about how I could sleep better and improve my life.  Instead I just drank more coffee and hoped for the best.  Finally one day I was laying there, so tired and uncomfortable on my $100 used mattress, and it hit me; sleep items could have an even bigger impact on items than chairs do on your daily life.  I sold my company and started focusing on sleep shortly after that. What products do you use to enhance sleep in your own life? Personally I’m a fan of the Saatva mattress you get really great bang for your buck, and it’s a very cool company that I admire from an entrepreneur’s perspective.  I’ve had a Saatva for about a year and I’m a huge fan.  I’ve had a Sealy and Verlo in the past, which were fine for me, but I think Saatva took it to the next level.  A new company on the market, Casper, is becoming very interesting to me, so I might try out one of their mattresses soon. I also use a noisemaker.  This isn’t necessarily best sleep practice, you can actually develop some bad habits if you use this regularly.  However I live on a very noisy street, so it’s more out of practicality than desire. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I use a tempurpedic pillow for obvious reasons.  I think this is the best product you can get to have a big impact on your sleep and quality of life. Any last words? Sleep isn’t all about products, it’s also about your mental and emotional state.  When people ask me what the number one thing they can do to improve their sleep cycle and get deep REMs, I say to meditate.  Get yourself […]