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Rock Your World With A Floating Bed

John Huff was an inventor of numerous wellness products, but his floating bed is definitely the most well-known. He felt strongly that people are relaxed and made healthier through the rocking motion of his design. The natural movement of your body during sleep is meant to work with the rocking motion to improve circulation and promote a better night’s rest. It can be featured both indoors and outdoors. The outdoors version comes with a tripod setup where the bed hangs from the middle. The aesthetics are slightly more questionable than the indoor ones which feature a chain attached to the ceiling. When I really think about it, I can see why this bed has the potential to be a more popular choice on the market. I’ve stayed in some fairly nice hotels before and never seen this, but I can imagine it to be a selling point for anyone looking for novelty and a good way to separate yourself from your competitors. Considering sleeping disorders are rampant amongst Americans, you can market to anyone looking for natural remedies. A good host looking to trick out a guest room could also find this to be a fun way to spice up the visiting experience. No product is without its caveats so you might want to keep in mind that this bed requires a strong commitment from the buyer as you will need to work out a much more complex installation than a standard mattress. Their website seems to claim a lot of things about this bed which seem circumstantial at best (e.g. please don’t expect this bed to cure your child’s autism.) Cost and practicality are always factors to consider with any purchase as this bed will run you about $4-5k for the larger styles. Depending on your body type and how you like to sleep, it might seem like a chore to get in and out of the bed. Certainly your days of flopping into bed would need to be over. For all the reasons not to buy a floating bed though, the few reviews found online are actually all positive. For anyone who’s fallen asleep in a hammock or relaxed away an afternoon on a porch swing, it could be well worth checking out a floating bed for your home.

People have been soothed by water since the beginning of time, so it’s no surprise that it would be associated with sleep. Some believe that they started with the Persians and goatskins, but our earliest records come from the 1800s when Dr. Arnett developed it to help people with bedsores, a recurring theme for mattress success. Dr. Ho0per wanted to design one for those with arthritis issues, but again had the temperature issues. Always ask the people who spend the most amount of time with something how they feel about it. Drs. Arnett and Hooper may have been able to put water into material, but they couldn’t figure out a way to keep it warm, and it’s not hard to figure out why it didn’t take off as to make untold amounts of money. However, a student in San Francisco was going to continue to try to get this whole thing right. After filling a chair with jello (which didn’t end up going well) he was finally able to get the modern water bed patented, and about a fifth of all mattress sales were waterbeds in 1987, which is just insane. Wave control, back support, novelty and heat certainly present a lot of reasons to want to buy one. However, somewhere along the way they went from being coveted to highly tacky. Bachelors trying to lure in women, or cheesy motels spring to mind when people think of them today. My parents have had one for the last 30 years, so I have a very different connotation to them. I always thought they were kind of fun, and I still love the idea that when I get into bed, it’s already warmed up for me as I tend to run on the cold side. They still had their down points though. Never was the best idea to upset our cat anywhere near the bed since his claws tended to run through the blankets into the mattress, plus it’s best for people who aren’t interested in moving in the next several years. It’s also much harder to find blankets and sheets. Still, it’s the same concept as foam mattresses since they move with your body and do help people with circulation issues or back pain.

Sealy had a long history starting in 1881 in (unsurprisingly) Sealy, Texas. Daniel Haynes worked in the cotton fields already when he started putting cotton into mattresses, and then eventually figuring out how to compress the cotton for better comfort. When he patented the process, he was already inundated with demand for his product. Between evocative advertising slogans which included cloud comparisons and their clever design, they had all the makings of a successful company. People were finding the compressed mattresses to provide better back support and with manual labor being a large part of most people’s jobs, this provided a very welcome change. They worked on expanding their licensing to other mattress manufacturers so they could expand their processes when they didn’t have enough buying power to purchase their own facilities. They leaned heavily on the few surviving licensees during the Great Depression, and they stayed in business. Haynes did a great job at exploiting his idea to start the company and stay in business for 131 years. They certainly had their ups and downs as would be expected over that much time, but it’s an incredibly impressive story when you think of the fate of most businesses subjected to that much change and turmoil. They looked for ways to expand their business everywhere, including South Africa and New Zealand. In 2012, Tempur-Pedic wanted to put their number one competitor under their umbrella in 2012, so they made Sealy an offer which they accepted. Sealy continues to use their products in relationship with Tempur-Pedic’s process. Great ideas definitely don’t come around all that often, and they’re even harder to implement successfully. The business tried a lot of things that worked and some that didn’t. This particular business had the support of the initial successes to fuel through some of the mistakes. Some people don’t get that luxury because their first idea takes off too weakly. It’s extremely important to remember that mistakes are necessary in business, otherwise you’re not creating anything new, but too many mistakes and you won’t make it at all.

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Eat Sleep Blog

Spending a third of your entire life doing anything demands a large amount of attention to doing it well. We spend so much of our unconscious mind devoted to sleep, it’s easy to see why it sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves during our waking hours. There are certainly a lot of products out there to aid in rest, but the market is still full of potential. With 7 billion people in the world devoting more than 550 billion hours a night to one activity, there are that many reasons to get into this business. With the advent of modern technology, humans are exposed to more stressors today than there were 100 years ago. This is not a news flash to anyone, nor is it a plea we increase the Amish community numbers. In every aspect of the industry from mattresses to sleep masks, advances have also helped people understand their sleeping styles better in order to live more productive lives. In this blog, we’ll explore the ways people use their entrepreneurial skills and industry know-how to sell the right goods and services to the public. While I in no way claim to have a handle on every sector of the market, I can tell you that the amount of information out there is entirely overwhelming. I focus on attempting to simplify things and especially trying to apply that same simplification to potential markets, buyers and sellers. It’s not easy to navigate everything out there, so it’s up my goal to give real tips that go beyond the explanations you’ll find on every other site. Products can be great, and as a seller you want to focus on the great parts. However, there’s two side to everything and it may be worth at least considering as many aspects as possible before you set out to make more money on sleep.

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So, the market has now been filled by entrepreneurs that have disrupted the entire business model of the mattress industry.  Consider yourself disrupted old executives of this industry.  The question is, can these guys sustain this success, and if not, where will they need to turn to next? A few considerations: Sure, these companies have disrupted the mattress industry with the direct to consumer business model, but there’s nothing really stopping an established company from starting an entirely new brand and copying these new companies.  In fact, with their experience in manufacturing, they might and are actually able to most likely make a better product at less of a cost.  So for that reason, these new startup companies in the industry need to watch out for incumbents. Second, with the success and press that these companies have achieved, there is nothing really stopping any new company from being formed and taking a slightly new angle on the mattress.  I am willing to bet that there will be much more competition going in to the future not only from established companies but also from new companies forming.  Advertising budgets will be squeezed by rising costs from competition increasing. What a new entrepreneur should think about is creating the best possible product.  Sure, it’s easy to get good reviews online, but eventually the word will get out whether the product is actually good.  So, my prediction is that the industry will turn backwards in many ways.  Companies will be forced to create products that are extremely supportive and comfortable, all at a reasonable price.  Innovation might take hold even more in the industry, but if not, and even if so, companies should focus on making the best products possible.  That’s what these companies should focus on going forward.  As I’ve mentioned in other articles (like here), entrepreneurs are capable of lots of things.  Let’s hope they’re capable of creating amazing mattresses.

Tech entrepreneurs can create almost anything these days.  Plenty of them are out their doing consumer apps, helping people call a taxi, park a car, get groceries, chat with their friends, and share pictures.  But the fact of the matter is that technology is important in almost every aspect of our lives, and the mattress industry is no different. Take a company called Reverie, which has a truly amazing electric adjustable bed.  It’s truly remarkable, because technology helps you move the bed around.  It’s linked to apps, so that you can actually control the position in your bed that you are sitting in and move it from place to place.  If that’s not a step forward in technology, then I truly do not know what is. These custom mattress makers have really figured it out.  But folks, they truly are not the only ones!  There are truly a large number of opportunities in this market where durable products can be integrated with excellent programming ability to set the product apart. This isn’t the olden days, when people would sleep on a pile of straw.  It’s time to innovate in every aspect of life, to seize opportunity and really advance humanity. When a bed is connected to a smartphone which is connected to a smart watch which is connected to a person, anything is possible.  The level of integration that we’re going to see across the board is going to be tremendous.  We’ve really seen that there is opportunity to set oneself apart in traditional industries by pushing the borders of technology. Mattress and bed making.  Materials.  Industrials.  Light fixtures.  Furniture.  These are industries that have been sitting around for centuries, and now we need some young coders to really come in and mess the industry up.  To really wipe away stagnation and bring new light.

Slumber Sage King of Sleep

Friends, every great entrepreneur has a great story to tell.  We believe this firmly at Pine Magazine, and will continue to believe it until we lay down in our death bed.  We’ve heard from some of the mattress greats, most recently the infamous Philip Krim of Casper.  We’ve started in the modern day, with those revolutionizing the industry today, and will soon delve back into the history to perhaps the greatest all-time entrepreneur, the inventor of the bed.  However as time goes on and on, we must nominate the greatest sleep entrepreneur of all time. Yes, there are many options available.  And as we narrow down our selection to one winner, we are devastated to tell you that this man is a mystery.  That the very person who brings so much knowledge to the world regarding sleep methods and sleep products is in fact a true unknown.  This man is a great, a legend, a true visionary, and we only know him as the Slumber Sage. Are you a side sleeper?  He’s got the info.  Looking at a Saatva Mattress?  Yup, he’ll fill you in on everything you need to know.  Sleeping bags?  Inflatable beds?  Adjustable mattresses?  Sleeping pills?  It’s all in his warehouse.  The man is not an adviser, he’s an institution.  And America thanks him for his contribution.  There would be a lot more restlessness in this world without him.