White Bedding Styling Tips by Steven Whitehead | Pottery Barn In case you want to give your bedroom a delicate and soothing look, white linen bedding style is probably the best choice. In this Pottery Barn video, bedding stylist, Steven Whitehead, demonstrates how to use, manage and maintain white bedding sets and give your house a peaceful and relaxing look. On an average, people spend almost one-third of their life in bed. This is a personal space where you can relax and rejuvenate, and so the bedding style and its texture play an important role. White linen fabric looks very delicate and classy in a bedroom. The exciting range offered by Pottery Barn can be machine-washed and is easy to manage. The great thing about white bedding is that it is very easy to update and you can always mix and match different colors to get a new look every time. It is a timeless color that adds grace to your home décor. The best part is that you can add as many pillows and other accessories with your white bedding and it will blend in perfectly. You can also create many personas with white bedding set including a masculine and organized look, a feminine and delicate look and a romantic and soothing impression. Along with this, you can decorate your space according to seasons. Light sheets with cotton blankets in summers and cozy blankets with luxury bed spread in winters will make your bed simply outstanding. The classic range of Pottery Barn white linen beddings can be used in every season. Steven takes care of white bedding sets by carefully organizing them in a wardrobe and gently washing them after use. He suggests taking proper care of the bedding as it increases their life, along with maintaining their natural luster and sheen. According to Steven, white bed spreads are just perfect for any occasion and season. To explore further you can visit our website: Read more about Ruched Viole Duvet Cover & Sham White at: Check out the exciting range of Diamond Matelasse Boxspring Cover at: Read more about Grand Embroidered Bed Skirt at:

When you crawl into bed at night after a long hard day having the right bedding is a great way to get comfortable and relax so that you can sleep. Far too many people suffer from a lack of sleep. While there may be a lot of issues that you have going on during the day that reduce amount of time you have to sleep, what you can do is to make the most of the time that you have. You don’t want to lay in bed for an hour or two hours or three hours trying to fall asleep. You want to go to bed and fall into a deep slumber as soon as possible. In order to do this you have to be comfortable. While a good mattress is a necessity far too many people overlook the importance of having the right bedding. What you need to do to make sure that you have the right type of bedding it’s to take an account the weather where you live. If you live in a cold climate make sure that you have sheets and blankets that will help you to feel warm and cozy at night. If you live in a climate where it’s warm or if it’s the time of year when it’s warm been having like sheets is the way to go. By taking the time to ensure that you have the right betting you can make sleep the priority that it should be. When you don’t get enough sleep it’s impossible for you to function at your normal levels. Your work and your personal life will suffer and you will feel tired and Unmotivated all of the time. Don’t make the mistake of not making sleepy priority. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of a quality and comfortable bedding.

A new area where entrepreneurship and sleep collide is in wearables.  There are so many devices that you can use to track how you sleep.  So should you get a FitBit, or some other kind of wearable device? My thoughts are that it is better to focus on getting better sleep overall, than to track constantly your sleep patterns.  If you track your sleep patterns too much, then you are going to get too anxious about them and you will end up losing sleep over them.  The major downside of of wearables and health tracking is how anxious and obsessed people get over them.  I see this being an issue with sleep and think that tracking your sleep activity can end up being counterproductive. It is good information to know generally to figure out how many full REM cycles you are getting during an average night of sleep.  It’s also good to know how much you toss and turn at night and how often you wake up during the night.  Those indicators are really good pieces of information to know in general.  There is no question about that.  The problem is trying to worry about getting to a solution. Unless you have problems with insomnia, I don’t think it’s worth tracking your sleep activity with some sort of wearable and sensor device. Instead, go out there and try to find ways to get better sleep.  Stay away from electronics before bedtime.  Go for walks during the day.  Cut out the alcohol and caffeine.  This is the better way to go about getting better sleep.  

Sleep Like A Baby Please!!

If you think about improving sleep, it really should be an entirely entrepreneurial endeavor – that is really looking to disrupt what is currently happening, on a personal level.  If you’re not sleeping well, throw everything that you think you know about rest out the window.  It’s time to restart and refresh your approach. Many people think it’s one little thing, like going out and buying a well reviewed Saatva Luxury Firm and suddenly everything is fixed.  Sure, that can help part of your sleep issues, and it’s definitely better than going out there and just getting the best valued mattress.  The real issue is not being addressed, and that is understanding what makes you sleep in your core. Approach sleep like you do the rest of your life, with conviction, with courage, with relentless determination.  Don’t let this slip by the wayside, and you’ll become a true sleep entrepreneur for the ages.

Jason Klasey is a sleep entrepeneur.  What exactly does that mean?  Basically he is just like any other entrepreneur, he forms companies and helps them grow.  Except his company focuses on making you sleep better.  This means he provides products and services like mattresses, sleep aids, and methodologies on what can help you sleep better.  Here is an interview with him where he talks about how he became a sleep entrepreneur. How did you end up focusing on sleep and relaxation? Out of college I started another company that sold high end chairs to offices.  These chairs were extremely expensive, due to the ergonomic properties.  Being a young person, I thought I was seriously duping these companies.  Who would pay so much for a chair?  Well after working a few years at a desk, I spent an incredible chunk of change on a new chair for myself.  The fact of the matter is that these items in our life that seem so basic have a dramatic impact on our life, physical health, and happiness.  So through that company, I became a huge fan of taking care of myself. One thing I again didn’t think about throughout this whole process was sleep.  I was so tired all the time, working long hours, but never thought about how I could sleep better and improve my life.  Instead I just drank more coffee and hoped for the best.  Finally one day I was laying there, so tired and uncomfortable on my $100 used mattress, and it hit me; sleep items could have an even bigger impact on items than chairs do on your daily life.  I sold my company and started focusing on sleep shortly after that. What products do you use to enhance sleep in your own life? Personally I’m a fan of the Saatva mattress you get really great bang for your buck, and it’s a very cool company that I admire from an entrepreneur’s perspective.  I’ve had a Saatva for about a year and I’m a huge fan.  I’ve had a Sealy and Verlo in the past, which were fine for me, but I think Saatva took it to the next level.  A new company on the market, Casper, is becoming very interesting to me, so I might try out one of their mattresses soon. I also use a noisemaker.  This isn’t necessarily best sleep practice, you can actually develop some bad habits if you use this regularly.  However I live on a very noisy street, so it’s more out of practicality than desire. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I use a tempurpedic pillow for obvious reasons.  I think this is the best product you can get to have a big impact on your sleep and quality of life. Any last words? Sleep isn’t all about products, it’s also about your mental and emotional state.  When people ask me what the number one thing they can do to improve their sleep cycle and get deep REMs, I say to meditate.  Get yourself […]